Monday, July 18, 2011

Sowing the Seeds

'All the flowers of the future are in the seeds of today.' ~ Author Unknown

'Like the seeds dreaming beneath the snow, your heart dreams of spring.' ~ Kahlil Gibran

'Seeds, like hearts must open to grow.' ~ Carol Horos

Meditation two weeks ago focused on the theme of the garden of our hearts and souls, how we perceive our gardens, how we tend to them, assessing what needs to be weeded, that which we hold onto that we can release, letting go of that which no longer serves our Highest Good. We can sacrifice these weeds to a bonfire, making space for us to plant the seeds of new intentions ~ intentions to heal, accept and forgive, seeds of love.

Once again we were gently guided through a body relaxation and chakra re-alignment meditation, to arrive in our safe place in nature. I find myself seated under a large old oak tree, looking up into layers of green branches. All the different greens of the leaves changing as the sun filters through, a soft breeze moving the ancient limbs so they creak and moan softly. This tree is alive and timeless and I am filled with happiness and peace. I am honoured to be in the presence of such grounded-ness, such deep-rooted authentic beauty and wisdom in the form of this tree, this temple. A gold, silver and pink misty light shimmers on the horizon, I make my way from under the tree through this mist into another time and space. I enter an enchanted garden, this is my garden. I see neat beds of roses blooming in many colours, rows of wild lavender, bees buzzing and birds singing. Everything seems bathed in light and is calm and fresh. In a damp, dark corner of my garden, there is an area which is overgrown, a thick and thorny thicket of brambles. I am fearful to weed here and pull this out, it is dark and angry, the thorns are sharp. As I attempt to touch it, it disintegrates into powder and collapses in a cloud of dark dusty ash. It was a facade, an illusion. The 'weeding' of my garden has happened spontaneously, only dust remains, as if the weeds have already been transmuted through the bonfire. This is surprising, I feel awe-struck!

Now it's time to prepare the soil to plant new seeds where these brambles once grew ~ seeds of self-knowledge and self- acceptance, seeds of hope, awareness and healing. I decide to plant the seeds of OPENNESS, TOLERANCE and FORGIVENESS. These are aspects of my Being I wish to grow, letting go of choosing to be a victim in certain situations, of holding onto resentments and closing my heart to protect it when I'm hurt, rejected or betrayed by others. To rather be tolerant of other people's choices and forgive them. I'm learning through recent experiences how to remain open-hearted. Even as I feel the pain of being hurt and fully honour those emotions, I remain OPEN. I allow people to show me who they are and see them clearly while still remaining OPEN. I no longer close my heart, completely shutting down and punishing, rejecting those who reject me. This was a closed way of Being, limiting and lonely. I now recognise that these hurtful experiences are sent my way to help me grow. It takes a lot of capacity to feel pain and remain open as I heal. I see now that somehow the openness IS the healing of the pain. Pain is a doorway to greater healing ~ the pain of living in this reality and the priceless relationships through which we are learning our greatest soul lessons.

Lastly I sow the seeds of SELF-COMPASSION, something that I am learning to embrace and prioritise. Two weeks ago, the week of this meditation evening, I was experiencing a major setback, feeling depleted on all levels: tired, depressed, drained of energy, emotionally vulnerable and physically weak. My hormones were once again shifting post-period. I was feeling truly constricted and unbalanced. My aim in joining this meditation session (to drag myself there!) was to find connection and stillness, to check in with my deepest Self and find a glimmer of hope, some peace. I took this opportunity to plant the seed of intention to be patient with my progress, to embrace myself NOW, have compassion with myself and just be where I'm at ~ just BE ~ be depleted, be weak, be sad, be tired, be slow, be in pain. Give up the relentless impulse to criticise myself and fix things that are 'wrong'.

These newly-planted seeds are full of promise and potential. Let these precious seeds germinate and grow, let them bursting forth with new life, bloom and bear fruit. Let new shoots, plants, shrubs and trees flourish in my newly weeded, spacious, light-filled garden of the heart and soul!

The goddess guidance angel cards I selected were: 'SIGE ~ Quiet Time: Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate and contemplate' and 'REST ~ Rest and relax. Release guilt and make your needs a top priority.' The same message twice from my angels, to make sure I get the message loud and clear! What a perfectly descriptive prescription for how I was feeling! Thank you, angels.

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