Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Precious Work

A week or two ago I had the privilege of bringing a completely new modality into my healing mix ~ I experienced my first tarot reading session with Lisa, my one-stop healing resource of late! I absolutely LOVED it, what an amazingly revealing, accurate and insightful art of prophecy! Lisa doesn't use the cards to predict the future, but rather focuses on the energies that are currently surrounding us. We reveal deeper layers of my Being in the Now, discovering a true reflection of where I'm at in my life and my healing journey at this moment, mapping out a detailed story through the cards. The cards tell all!

We started with an opening prayer for guidance, asking God/Goddess/All That Is and my guides and guardian angels to allow the right things to be revealed to us, that everything be for my Highest Good. I called my Mom's energy to be with me, for her to help me choose the cards that would reveal the Truth to us. I know she was there and Lisa confirmed she also felt her around us.

Using the beautiful (and synchronistic) Rose Goddess tarot deck, which I shuffled to infuse it with my energy and intentions, I selected five initial cards and then five more cards to create a general spread. The primary cards I selected were five strong archetypal energies, Lisa's comment was: 'Aah, nothing insipid here!' These cards were ~ the Four of Cups: Self, self, self. The journey of the Self has begun! The time is now to hear the call to focus on myself and my inner growth. This card speaks to my need to reintroduce balance into my life by taking better care of myself and putting the healing of my body, mind and soul first on my list. By doing this I'm building empowering foundations of a new way of Being. Balance, a key word for me on this journey! The Tower: Powerful transformation. This card stands for dramatic change. (Hello!) Structures and belief systems I have long believed to be true have been demolished, childhood ways of operating have fallen away. I am re-looking and questioning my old ways of Being. Temperance: Moderation in all things. Temperance means showing restraint in action and feeling, to temper something is to soften it. As I recreate myself and move through the challenging peaks and valleys of this journey, I can practice temperance ~ going easy, not jumping head first into the depths of difficulties. I can soften my masculine energy dominant ways with feminine self-nurturing energy, practice moderation with my diet, achieve an evenness, ease and balance in my emotions, instead of swinging to extremes. As Life carves and shapes the new me, clearing away old patterns, let me emerge as my truer Self, with a greater awareness of how to move forward with more temperance. The Hermit: The quiet life. (How true! The story of my current life!) This is the card of introspection and solitude. It is about getting reacquainted with ourselves. I do withdraw from life and escape into solitude but this card has a deeper meaning. It's about choosing to take the time to digest and process, integrating the spiritual lessons I am learning, reformulating myself on a soul level, very necessary to fully benefit from this, the most important work of my life. The Sun: Seeing the light. This is my breakthrough card! Light is the metaphor for Truth. I am now seeing the light and the Truth. As the supreme source of light, the Sun is a powerful symbol of knowledge and understanding. I am becoming 'enlightened', achieving a new level of understanding of my Self. A brilliant new light-filled way of existence is about to be born. This is the light at the end of my dark tunnel. I am beginning to truly shine.

I then drew the next five cards to complete the spread. Lisa grouped the following three cards together, as they represent my stresses and anxieties, the darker side. I call them my depression cards. I chose the Five of Wands which shows outer and inner conflict, a message for me to choose my battles and not get overwhelmed by difficulties rising up from within and thereby reflected around me; the Ten of Wands symbolising carrying of a heavy burden physically, mentally or emotionally, carrying the weight of the world. The heavy burden of tying up loose ends from an old way of life, while simultaneously preparing for a new one. This combined with the added weight of criticism and self-judgement, when I think I should be doing more, that I'm not achieving enough. This card's message is that my goal is within reach, not to give up; the Eight of Swords signals lost direction and confusion, restricted action due to indecision. The focus is on withdrawal, limbo and imprisonment, also how I cut myself down. At times I do feel hopeless about my current life situation and frustrated at my lack of energy and focus to move forward. It feels like a prison of my own making. I'm just trying to be where I am at this moment, however difficult, painful or directionless, and be there without judgment.

The other two cards of this group Lisa grouped together as 'messengers' or 'invitations': the Page of Cups is the card of intuition and following my heart. It represents new beginnings, dreams coming to life and following my inner guidance to new horizons and possibilities. It's the card of connections and coincidences and speaks of me trusting my inner wisdom and intuition; and the Page of Swords representing the spirit of learning, the adventure of tackling the new, inner learning or self-discovery. I'm on a wonderful journey of self-study in the world of the healing arts. There is a lot to learn!

Next Lisa suggested I select four more cards, asking the cards to confirm positive growth or benefits that could come from our healing work together. The cards revealed two new beginnings, one in work, focusing on intellect and creativity and one personal one, focusing on a new relationship or connection to do with the heart. I chose the Ace of Swords, representing our ability to overcome obstacles with reason and intellect, truth and justice. The pen is mightier than the sword! This is my calling, I am to write, already evident as my blog, soon to materialise as books. I can use this vocation as an opportunity to integrate my masculine and feminine energies, my diligence and attention to detail married with beautiful, meaningful and creatively presented spiritual content. I also chose the Ace of Cups, the card of our heart of hearts, the essence of the heart - the deepest emotional and spiritual love within us and the emotional intelligence that knows how to manifest this love. This is a celebration card, possibly indicating a new heart-centred relationship. I am to draw to myself a whole person, someone intelligent and evolved, someone who has walked through the mire of their own soul journey.

The last two cards are linked to the previous two and are linked together, both leading from my work with Lisa and the new beginnings revealed to us, both strong male energy balancing my evolving femininity ~ the Knight of Pentacles representing motion and change. Whenever knights appear in a reading it means that long term conditions are going to come to an end; and the King of Pentacles representing expansion, communication, contacts with those in power or authority. It is also possible for a king to represent a person. This could indicate a solid, steady man with great financial gifts entering my life unexpectedly. (That new relationship you mentioned? Bring it on!)

How true! How reassuring and massively exciting! Thank you, Lisa! As we were closing the session, Lisa turned to me, sighed a deep sigh and said: 'This precious work!!' Precious indeed. I am truly in a mode of exploration, boldly exploring new healing modalities, testing out what resonates with me, in this case the magical and mystical marvels of tarot wisdom! I am learning to trust that no matter the tool we use, authentic messages of reassurance and healing will reach me just at the perfect time.

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