Friday, July 15, 2011

Walking in Abundance

'All that we behold is full of blessings.' ~ William Wordsworth

'Kundalini will rise and She will cleanse you completely.' ~ Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

My third reflexology session with my sweet sister was a yet another unexpectedly different one! Even though it wasn’t a ground-breaking and revealing one, I believe that nothing is EVER a waste and healing shifts can still manifest. It doesn't always need to be intensive for deep healing to occur. My feet didn't reflect too many physiological and energetic imbalances in my body, compared to my last treatment. I was at the end of my menstrual cycle too, so better that it was a gentler one. My sister wasn't feeling well, so there may have been a short-term limitation on her abilities to read the energetic maps of the feet. Perhaps my unconscious sister-sensitive built-in shields were on full alert or I may have just been exhibiting a state of improved balance! Either way, I'm grateful for the insights that did emerge, the message that came through from my angels and for special sister-time.

My sister applied a beautiful neroli-infused body balm to my feet, an uplifting and fragrant aromatherapy treat, with mild anti-depressant and sedative properties. My lymph nodes in both feet presented as sensitive to the touch, indicating the encouragement of lymph movement in the body and the elimination of toxins. My lower back came up strongly, this signifies the beginning of movement of kundalini energy. Kundalini is a higher octave energy, it connects with the right use of sexual, creative and spiritual energy. It is an instinctive force which lies coiled and dormant at the base of the spine. Through meditation and various esoteric practices, the kundalini is awakened, rising up through the spinal column. My discomfort response to manipulation of my feet in this area is the movement of this energy, a profound energetic shift within! Lower back pain has featured recently while working on one-on-one mindful Hatha yoga practice and the awakening of my body to its subtle and profound wonders! (More about this journey later!) In protecting my reproductive organs and lower abdomen, there is a massive energetic constriction in my lower back, which I'm gently working on releasing on a physical and mental/emotional level. I have felt major energy stirrings in this area, there is much to process and release! My neck also came up strongly, a message from my body to get out of my head, to stop over-thinking everything and over-intellectualising. Even though (or because) I was menstruating (hallelujah!), my ovaries and uterus had a healthy reflexology response, my ovaries are no longer 'crunchy' to the touch on my feet, which to me signifies the healing of my ovarian cysts. On the whole a calming and balancing reflexology treatment. I am balancing and I am grateful!

The Universal Wisdom Oracle Card I selected at the close of the treatment read: 'ABUNDANCE ~ You may feel as though your life is lacking in some way. In turn, you may be searching externally for something that can only be obtained from within. Abundance is the natural state of the Universe. It stems from the loving heart of God/Goddess ~ a blessing which the Creator bestows on all living things. In order to manifest abundance in your physical world, you must first feel the abundance from within you. Take a deep breath in right now, hold the breath for a few moments, then gently release. Repeat this a few times, as you breathe in, feel yourself filled with the magical life force of Creation. Imagine this life force as pure gold light. As you breathe out, release any fear or negativity. Feel yourself bathed in light and love. Feel the blessing that God/Goddess bestows upon you this very moment. Give thanks for the many blessings in your life. When we are grateful for what we have, the Universe bestows it's blessings upon us. Start to give and receive freely without conditions. Know that you deserve abundance in your life. Nothing is ever truly lacking if you keep an open heart. Life is an endless flow of blessings.'

'Affirmation: I Am eternally blessed. I Am eternally protected. I Am abundant on all levels. I Am ONE with the eternal heart of Creation.'

What a beautiful message! This treatment showed me that I am literally walking in abundance right now, happily welcoming the fruits of my healing body, mind and soul. I'm grateful for every step, however seemingly imbalanced, unnerving and daunting. I invite every opportunity to experience my healing on all levels and am learning to go with the flow of Life ~ an endless flow of blessings, if we choose to see it that way.

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