Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking Out for Rainbows

'Persevere no matter what the temporary conditions of your life. They will pass. They will be good or challenging, for nothing stays the same. After every storm a rainbow will come. Remember the law of compensation ~ your efforts will be rewarded but not always in the way you demand. Miracles and synchronicities rarely come as ordered. Persevere.' ~ Colette Baron-Reid

Please help me heal, angels. This pain and panic are wearing me thin. Still I persevere. I trust that this challenge is here to teach me and help me grow, it is clearly a physical manifestation of a deeper imbalance. It wouldn't be here if I wasn't ready to heal on a deeper level. The same Divine intelligence that created it can un-create it and heal my body. I trust in my Divine inner wisdom to lead me there in the perfect time. I am persevering, patiently, calmly. Looking out for rainbows.

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