Friday, November 11, 2011

Gateway of Transformation

This day 11-11-11 ~ is a powerful cosmic event when planetary portals open and shimmering shifts take place! A time of rebirth and transformation for us. It is a magic energy gateway opening where things manifest instantly. The numbers 11-11-11 form 'bars' which are a gate to walk through, a true gateway of transformation. In angel numbers, 11-11-11 means keeping our thoughts at the Highest possible level, thinking only about what we desire, not what we fear, as we only want to manifest from the Highest place of Love.

I affirm: At this time of rebirth, renewal and re-adjustment for all humanity, we call forward the blessings of Divine Grace to guide and support our unfolding. May we feel Her support and Her nourishment in the days to come. (Thank you, Lisa!)

I honour this auspicious day with a meditation at 11.11 this morning. Today I am in a space of gratitude. My biopsy results are 100% clear! There are no irregular cells or endometriosis inside my bladder, no malignancy. What a blessing. I move forward today with patience and perseverance, knowing that my beautiful, strong bladder will eventually heal this imbalance itself, perfectly and completely. Today is the turning point. Thank you angels and Divine Mother! x

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