Friday, January 20, 2012

Love, Love, Love

An excerpt from a beautiful email I received last week from my beautiful friend Michelle ~ thought I'd share:

Dearest Pen,

How are you doing, Sunshine?

Just a 'lil note to say a huge thank you for having me the other day. It was such a special catch-up time and way overdue too. Also, thank you for the scrummy lunch, absolutely heavenly. The gifts you have showered me with are so appreciated. Know that every step I take I will be taking in thanks and that I will be moving positively forward thanks to you. The calendar is read every day and helps so, so much. I'm so very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you. xxx

I found the tag for your bright pink roses... it says bright light, not full sunlight. Plant in garden/ patio pot after flowering. Quarter cup of water twice a week. Hope that helps. A rose is a rose, is a rose... :)

Sending tons of love and blessings your way dear one,

Love, love, love,

I'm so grateful for you, my Mich... and for all the angels-on-earth I feel so privileged to have in my life, those who lift me up and carry my heart in theirs. I love, love, love you too! I will be planting your roses today and will see your Light in their blooming. x

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