Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Will Miss You

I am Divinely guided. My decision, although heartbreaking, is aligned with Spirit, it's the right one for all concerned, for the Greater Good of all. Now I am making peace with it, making space for tears and my sore heart today and then letting go. I am amazed at my willingness and openness, my capacity to love is GROWING, at the very least I gave it a try. A heart that feels deeply and loves freely is an open heart and as it heals, it heals stronger.

My little baby boy ~ such a short time we had but SO meaningful. I had just a small part to play in the Great Plan the Universe has in store for you, precious boy. You touched my heart and showed me that I can LOVE ~ quickly and deeply. We are connected, always were, always will be. I will miss you.

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