Monday, June 4, 2012


A beautiful analogy brought to light by my amazingly insightful psychologist... (Thank you Universe for bringing me Maryna!) This time in my life, with the transition of my precious child Pistachio and the enormous grieving process I'm currently facing and working through, is really a 'pruning' of what needed to leave my life in order for me to move forward. The cut was deep and violent and traumatic, my branches cut back until I no longer resemble my former self. It felt like SO much shocking, unwanted and unexpected change was thrust upon me SO quickly. A total life change of the most cruel kind. As I gain clarity, now I see that this process, this pruning was necessary for my evolution ~ it was my time for Life to cut back, remove and clear old patterns, to make space (literally!) so that new life can manifest, new beginnings can bloom. My trunk needed to be hollowed out to make a drum, so that music can be born. At this time of massive transformation and adjustment, of EVERY aspect of my life, this realisation helps me make peace with the emptiness that exists now that my angel is no longer with me in the physical domain. It gives me an answer to my 'Why, why? Why this baby, why now? Why me?' I cling now to the promise of a whole new beginning in my life. Really we are always in a state of change, we are always safe. I can choose peace, I can choose a new chapter. I can choose to find a way out of this grief and depression and blossom again. I already am.

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