Friday, June 29, 2012


Loving this awakening that's happening within me right now. Finally a time of expansion for me! I feel connected to myself in ways that I never have before. Beautiful new stirrings, little sparks of confidence and a new connection that totally surprised me, just when I wasn't looking for it. Losing my child broke my heart wide open and however unwillingly, I had to make space in my heart and my life to invite something else in. This new experience helps me to make sense of the direction my life has taken lately, helps me to heal. I'm seeing that I can stretch myself, push myself, learn how to drop my prejudices and accept another exactly as they are, OPENING myself to possibilities at last... and LET GO... all surprising to me. My capacity to feel is growing and for the first time I want to share my heart, truly share all of it, all of the real ME. I want to feel even more. I hold myself through this whole experience, regardless of the outcome. I'm loving this feeling and am grateful, grateful for this unexpected gift. Thank you, Universe. :)

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