Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Colour Surrounding Me

Loving my life right now, such expansion and so much newness! I am living life lovingly, so much colour surrounding me... Happy to be happy, at last.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fly Free Now

Affirming: I am a beautiful woman, worthy of great love. I fly free now.

Everything is unfolding perfectly, thank you Universe! My heart is expanding, I am happier today than I think I've ever been and I am so very grateful. x

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love the Body You're In

As I celebrate reaching my weight loss goal (and surpassing it!)... It's 41 kilos I've released from my body and my soul over three amazing years of transformation!... I'm still learning how to love and accept myself fully, how to truly embracing my body as it is in this moment. I celebrate my curves, my flaws and my realness and I practice daily gratitude for all my body's Divine perfection, all it's miraculous working parts! I am so, so blessed.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Follow Your Heart

'When your journey
becomes long and complicated,
your heart.' ♥

Following my heart now, trusting my inner guidance and staying open to what lies before me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Miss

I miss you today, my baby girl. So, so much. It's four months today since you left me to join Mom and the angels in the Beyond. I see you in EVERY cat and I know you are here. I will always love you, my Tachie-Bear. Always. ♥

Monday, July 9, 2012

Believe the Beauty You See

'Lay down those things you are trying to carry that do not need to be carried, lighten your load. Stop trying to please or bargain with others, hoping they will see who you are. See yourself and believe the beauty you see. When you make your own path it is easier to respect the paths of others. When you give yourself permission to be who you are it becomes possible to hold others as they ARE, in your heart without effort, without even trying.' ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Friday, July 6, 2012


I can feel myself opening. I open to joy and possibilities, to happiness. I LOVE this feeling, it makes me very smiley... and that is a massive shift for me!! And a beautiful place to be. I know in my heart that I want to explore this connection and discover all the ways I can give to another and learn how to receive with an open heart, discover new ways to evolve and grow through this experience. I love that this feels totally real and natural... and SO unexpected and surprising. I know that as I've learned to love and accept myself fully, I'm now naturally attracting authentic relationships with others into my life. I'm ready. I haven't felt this way for the longest, longest time and I feel as if my inner dam is bursting with all the love I've been holding inside for so long, longing to share, but not ready to. Now I know that I am beautiful inside and out and I welcome the love that is flowing to me. I'm so grateful. Thank you God/Goddess/All That Is and my angels, for your impeccable timing and for holding me safely in your Divine Love through it all. ♥

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Move On?

I'm in a state of confusion today and feeling quite sad. Disappointed. Not sure about things. Did I read into things? Is this what I thought it was or was I mistaken? Should I just thank the Universe for what this experience brought to me and move on? I fear that when you work on yourself at your deepest core, pushing yourself to share your true heart and it's not received well, it can shut you down again. Perhaps it's not just my own hang-ups showing up for a change and I'm not used to that! I won't be shut down, I've worked too hard on myself for that to happen. I thought to edit myself to please another was to let myself down, but is it truly? Can I learn to adapt to another's needs and still remain fully open and receptive? Is this what I'm here to learn from this? Am I not a generous, beautiful, open, desirable, available woman? I know my value and I KNOW my worth. I have SO much to give. I won't blindly seek love in the wrong places again, never, ever again. That is my sacred promise to myself. This is the source of my sadness, touching on repeating a pattern that broke my spirit so many years ago. I'd rather move on now than go there. I have some thinking to do... I remind myself today that love is infinite and everlasting, there is no shortage of it in my life. I AM made of Love, I don't ever need to search for it outside of myself. Today I choose to be grateful for what this IS right now, not what I'd like it to be and I give myself space to sit with this for a while. It's still happening, so I will let it unfold as it's meant to and just breathe.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Jewels Are Inside

'This, my friends, is the sacred meaning of Love: When you find Love, you will find yourself. When you have knowledge of Love, you will feel peace in your heart. Stop searching here and there, the jewels are inside you.'
~ Sufi Poem

Monday, July 2, 2012

Trust in the Unfolding

'I once heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say something that stuck with me: when we are impatient we lack trust. We want something inner or outer to happen faster than it's happening because we do not really trust that it will ever happen. I think of this particularly around inner healing, easing of grief after loss, the movement back toward Life after we have been literally or figuratively knocked to the ground. Our culture is enamoured with the myth of the instant fix. But very little in nature ~ particularly repair, healing, growth, gestation, rebirth ~ happens instantly and we (humans) are part of, not outside of the natural world. So, when I feel impatient I look for ways to cultivate trust in the unfolding. It's not about passivity, often we need to find ways to nurture healing, support recovery, foster growth and prepare the way for our rebirth. Pushing and prodding ourselves or others does little to help the process, that's like repeatedly digging up the bulbs underground to see if they are really sprouting. May we cultivate trust and patience so the unfolding can happen.' ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

This is not an instant fix but a beautiful, natural process. I continue to practice daily self-compassion, gentleness and patience with my own inner healing, my own unfolding. I am healing my heart and returning to Life one breath at a time. I do this slowly and lovingly, allowing myself to unfold at my own Divine pace, trusting this grieving process and supporting myself fully through it... and I'm embracing Life's timely gift of a new possibility as a way to lighten my Being during this part of the journey. At last I feel that I'm spreading my wings out and facing the sun, allowing it to warm my soul. Enjoying, enjoying this feeling. I'm also practicing patience as this unfolds, trusting Divine guidance. This IS exactly what it is meant to be. I know that I am always, always safe and I am deeply loved, always.