Friday, July 6, 2012


I can feel myself opening. I open to joy and possibilities, to happiness. I LOVE this feeling, it makes me very smiley... and that is a massive shift for me!! And a beautiful place to be. I know in my heart that I want to explore this connection and discover all the ways I can give to another and learn how to receive with an open heart, discover new ways to evolve and grow through this experience. I love that this feels totally real and natural... and SO unexpected and surprising. I know that as I've learned to love and accept myself fully, I'm now naturally attracting authentic relationships with others into my life. I'm ready. I haven't felt this way for the longest, longest time and I feel as if my inner dam is bursting with all the love I've been holding inside for so long, longing to share, but not ready to. Now I know that I am beautiful inside and out and I welcome the love that is flowing to me. I'm so grateful. Thank you God/Goddess/All That Is and my angels, for your impeccable timing and for holding me safely in your Divine Love through it all. ♥

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